Do you really have a calling or are you making it all up?

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The recent response to our Next Level Calling videos has been amazing and very inspiring. Reading all the comments, it has certainly struck a chord with you!

That said, it’s also opened up a lot of DEEP questions. You can almost hear the uncertainty, the doubt, and the hesitation in your voice.

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How To Start Collaborating On A Much Bigger Scale

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If you’re in this BVB tribe, we know you have a burning desire to contribute in the largest possible way through your business.

Yet if you’re being honest, can you see how much of the time you’re still trying to achieve this intent all on your own?

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The Skybrite Story – Divine Discontent In Action

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Since you are likely in this tribe because you have your own desire to create a deeply purposeful business that impacts the world in a big way and thrives financially…

It felt right to tell you the "behind the scenes" story about how we developed Skybrite so you can learn and grow from our roller-coaster experience of building a platform that will truly change the world…

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3 ingredients to design a website you love

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Welcome to our new site design… we hope you love it!

In this week’s show, we wanted to share with you the 3 core ingredients we used to design this new site, plus break down why they’re important and how you can use them on your own site.

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Part 2: How to clarify your calling & step into it fully

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"What’s required to clarify your calling?"

That’s the first question I asked Jeffrey in the 2nd part of this deep and rich dialogue about answering your next level calling.

And as usual, Jeffrey went to the core of what you really need to hear to create something big that truly actualizes your potential and helps you contribute in the largest possible way.

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Part 1: How to find your “next level calling” & contribute in the largest possible way

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Many people have asked me why I brought Jeffrey Van Dyk in to be the new CEO of Big Vision Business.

And after working closely with Jeffrey over the last few years, the answer is simple.

“Nobody in the world is better at helping people find and answer their next level calling than Jeffrey.”

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What Happens When Your Biggest Dream And Your Greatest Nightmare Collide

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Last week Max shared a post about launching Skybrite, which is the biggest project of his life. As I take over as CEO and help BVB launch its next chapter, I know that I too am answering my Next Level Calling.

And let me tell you, it’s been a wild roller coaster of experiences and emotions … and in the midst of them, I’ve learned more deeply what’s required to answer your next level calling.

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