Simplify your life with these 4 “simplify your life” strategies

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Let’s simplify your life…

Today, Mandee Lee shows you how to simplify your life by doing 4 simple but very powerful things.

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How to Get New Clients By Being A Steel Wall

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There’s a huge paradox in getting new clients…

On one-hand, you want to be LIKABLE and real… but the truth is, you don’t want to be too NICE.

Because people are not looking for their coach / consultant to be their best friend… they are looking for you to be effective.

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Let Your Anger Out In A Healthy Way

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As a business owner and entrepreneur, it’s inevitable that things are going to go wrong sometimes. And when that happens, it’s totally natural to feel angry or dissapointed.

But do you have any anger management techniques to deal with those intense emotions?

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How To Deal With Change

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This week’s episode has kind of a sad tone to it because something challenging happened that made dealing with change tough. But that’s the way life goes sometimes. You’ll have to deal with change and keep going.

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Networking – How to network in less time and still be genuine

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Networking is one of the most crucial parts of business. But it’s more than just meeting people, it’s about building deep relationships with people in your life and your work.

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DEEP DIVE TRAINING: How to do what you love & making a difference

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Do what you love

Sometimes it’s difficult to figure out how to do what you love.

That’s why I decided to create a DEEP DIVE training to show you exactly how to find out what’s most important to you & make a difference by sharing it with others…

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Good habits – 3 tips for creating healthy habits that stick

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You know that feeling when you want to change and start new healthy habits, but you just feel like it’s too hard or it’s not going to work out?

Fortunately, Mandee has some really unique strategies to help you create good habits that actually stick.

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