Do you feel there’s a lot of good stuff coming your way for your business – but you can’t seem to let it in?

Maybe prospects come your way, but you can’t seem to close the sales and don’t know why.

Maybe there’s support all around you, but you still find yourself doing it all alone.

And by the end of the day, there isn’t that ease you long for in your business.

Our primary theme at BVB this year is “letting the good in and letting the good out.” Which means to allow more abundance into our lives – and to share that abundance with others.

So for this week of Thanksgiving – I wanted to share a personal story with you. Of my journey to let more good into my life and business…while facing deep challenges.

When My Business Fell Apart

It was the beginning of 2012 – the year that the Mayans predicted would mark the end of one life and the beginning of a whole new one.

Well, on January 2, the first guy I had ever truly fallen in love with broke up with me.  Then on January 6 my then business partner and I came to the conclusion that we needed to dissolve our business. So by January 7, I no longer had a romantic partner, a business partner, a business or an income stream.

It was like a bull dozer just came in and cleared the decks.

And it threw me … hard.

See, when I built that business, the Spiritual Marketing Quest, I felt like I had finally arrived. I had built a very successful, recognized business in the world of Transformational Business.

I was being asked to speak all over the place, my own events were selling out and people were reporting dramatic shifts in their lives and businesses as the result of my work. And financially, I had long surpassed my Microsoft salary, which also told me I had made it as a transformational entrepreneur.

Even more than all that, I had always been on a mastery path, and for the first time in my life I felt like I could honestly say that I was the best in the world at what I do.

So when that got stripped away, I was left wondering who I was … and what value I brought to the world if I wasn’t doing that work? Frankly, until this happened, I had no idea how much of my identity I had wrapped up in the success of my business.

Experiencing Heartbreak

On top of that, I was experiencing heartbreak so fierce it almost tore me in two. I remember driving down highway 1 on a rainy day in northern California, heading to a course I was going to lead, when Sara Bareilles’ song Gravity came on.

All alone, in the isolation of my car, something broke open in me and I started balling.

I pulled the car over and just sobbed and sobbed and sobbed. It was an uncontrollable cry that rose out of the depths of me as I came face to face with how much sadness I had in my life for keeping my heart protected and locked up for so long.

Staring at the vast ocean through my blurry eyes, I had never felt so lost, adrift and alone.

Those tears washed something fundamental away along with them that day, some dramatic shift began then and there. The walls around my heart were beginning to crumble, and a new, unfamiliar open field of possibility began to emerge.

I knew it was all getting washed away because something new was meant to emerge … even if I didn’t know what it was, or even who I would be when I emerged again.

The Big Ah-Ha…A New Paradigm Of Business

During the Spring of that year I told a dear buddy of mine how I was feeling and he casually said:

“Jeffrey, you’ve just got to find out what your beauty is and be an ambassador of that.”

This simple statement floored me…and I asked him to repeat it. It was a profound inquiry that opened me up to a new world.

See, I realized that I didn’t really know what my beauty was. Not my inherent beauty. Not the beauty of my being. And because of that, I had spent my whole life searching for meaning and recognition based on what I did and all the clever things I could bring to the world.

It’s typical for a man to seek his value in what he can do and provide, I know. But somehow it still took me by storm that after all the work I had done on myself, that I still didn’t know something as fundamental as my inherent beauty.

This foundational inquiry is what led me on a journey of coming face to face with my beauty – of learning to embrace it and welcome it into my heart.

As I did, I began to experience a sense of my worth and value in a whole new way. This time it wasn’t based on me, my accomplishments or even my personal qualities.

Instead I began to understand that I had value simply because I exist. In fact, I began to experience the value of everyone … of everything, regardless of how much they might be obstructing that beauty with their “ego protections”.

And this was a biggie for me: Rather than learning from the gunk in my life, I began surrendering into the glory … and to learn from THAT.

And that’s when I began to let the good in…and discovered a new paradigm of business.

I’d like to share with you the top 3 lessons I learned that can help you let more good into your business and life:

The Top 3 Lessons For New Paradigm Business:

  1. You can’t build a soul-based business while trying to hide your soul. Not truly knowing one’s beauty causes so many entrepreneurs to keep their essence hidden. People work themselves to the bone, unconsciously trying to prove their worth and value, while killing their souls. Remember, Joy is the natural reaction to living your purpose, not toil and suffering.

  2. Essence is the most powerful marketing tool in the world. There is magnetism to essence, and when you lead with it, people get drawn in. This is especially important in broadcasting, which is all about vibration and frequency, because people will always attune to the higher frequency when it is offered. The more my essence leads, the more doors open, opportunities flow my way and more good starts to rush in, allowing me to let more good out.

  3. Be a living example of the message you broadcast to your tribe. In the new paradigm of business, you are meant to be the walking billboard – the living proof and promise of your work. And when you talk about the value and benefits of your work, people see how true it is. This builds instant trust and makes sales conversations sacred acts.

How This Can Help You Let More Good In

There are lots of goodies in this bag tailored for you. Because when you realize that none of it is about you – you no longer have to justify receiving wonderful things because of what you’ve done.

And then you just start to let yourself have what you want! For me that has meant a whole-life upgrade this year, including a new car, a new bike, a new wardrobe, a new city to call home, a new home in that city and a new role as CEO for BVB.

I am more visionary and grounded in my power than ever. We’re creating a culture inside of BVB that is deeply on purpose and dedicated to our collective vision. More money is flowing with greater ease, and purposeful relationships are showing up all over the place to support my life and work.

The bottom line is that I’m not hindering the goodness. Because I stopped damming it up, the good just started to flow in.

Sharing The Goodness With YOU

What I’m most thankful for this year is the capacity to let more good in, to really feel that goodness, and as a result, to let more good out.

And what feels so good is that we’ve put together something special for you…something we’ve never done before.

It’s a huge Black Friday sale on our best programs for your business to thrive. Plus, it includes a very special bonus of deeper 1:1 support… all at a fraction of the cost.

To make it even sweeter, every sale supports a great cause. So you’ll receive good and let more good out at the same time!

So make sure to open our email first thing on Friday morning for the full scoop. You’re going to love what we’ve put together for you.

Thank you for being in our tribe. We love you and are so grateful to serve and support you! May you have a joyous Thanksgiving and holiday season – where you let more love and goodness in …than you’ve ever done before.

Much Love,

Jeffrey & The BVB Team



  1. Max Simon said:

    This is beautiful Jeffrey… thanks for sharing so openly and vulnerablly. Wonderful lessons! Much love, Max

  2. Pam said:

    Hi Jeffrey,

    Thanks so much for sharing your big heart, vulnerability and great lessons! Happy Thanksgiving to you, Max and the Big Vision Team!

  3. Barb Elgin LCSW said:

    And so it is….Jeffrey! Thanks for ringing my bell on that one!

    Much Lasting Lesbian Love,


  4. Stephanie said:


    When I first heard of your new role at Big vision Business, I was at first apprehensive. I had felt connected to Max and was wondering…is Big Vision Business still going to be my tribe?

    With this one posting, no doubt…I am still in the right place. This was exactly what I needed. So beautifully vulnerable and authentic. Thank you. Happy Holidays to you and the BVB team!


  5. Patty said:

    Thanks, Jeffrey! Your willingness to open up to the beauty of who you are and came here to be just opened my heart. I have been on a quest of trying to make things work with new clever programs, or what’s the right thing to say and do. I’m exhausted. I’m promising myself to open my heart and let my beauty shine. Love seeing you fly and congratulations on creating a new life! Many blessings to you. Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. Lindsley said:

    Thank you Jeffrey Van Dyke, for your openness, honesty, and presence.
    You are a gift to all who are awake. Love and blessings to you and Max.


  7. Anne Palmer said:

    Transparency and truth…what a refreshing combination!
    Thank you Jeffrey for sharing both so brilliantly.
    I look forward to experiencing more of the authentically aligned you and the magic that will
    emerge as you embrace your new role at BVB,
    Congratulations on allowing your gifts to guide you to your greatness!


    ALLOW it all to flow!


  8. Hilary G. Shaw said:

    You guys are the best! Vulnerability is what heals the planet. Thanks for revealing so much. I know you will be a great inspiration especially to all the males out there. What fine leaders! Hilary G. Shaw

  9. Tim Kuisle said:

    Jeffrey, Thank yo for sharing this truth. It is a beautiful story and a beautiful message at just the right time. Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving!!

  10. Stan Lenssen said:

    Thank you very much for your beautiful story. It contains so much lessons for all of us. I felt really touched by your honesty. “It’s all about being true to yourself” is a quote that keeps on singing in my mind. Thank you for this gift and enjoy holiday season full of love.

  11. Donna said:

    Thanks, Jeffrey, for sharing your story and your beauty. It really is about recognizing the essence of our being and carrying it with pride. Such a privilege to be on the earth at this time! I am honored to be here and to be part of the Big Vision Business tribe. Many blessings to you, Max, and the team.

  12. Helen said:

    Beautifully expressed, Jeffery!! I’m *so* excited for the new paradigm and to see it unfold. Very exciting!!


  13. Cheron said:

    Jeffrey, I “saw” you the first day in San Diego, and was so moved by your presence, I was in tears. You have a HUGE heart, and opening up in this way, setting an example for the rest of us, expressing your vulnerability is a gift……to us all. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for who you are and where you’ll lead BVB. I am proud to be part of your vision. Blessings to all at BVB.


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