Universal Intelligence – how do you write copy using Universal Intelligence?

Because it’s a challenge that shows up constantly as you’re trying to grow your business:

You have a big heart and powerful message - but when you sit down to write copy…you feel stumped.

What you come up with sounds like everything else out there.

And you’re not getting your message out the way you know you can.

It’s a real problem with so many voices out there today - how do you voice your unique message?

In this week’s Big Vision Show, Jeffrey reveals a game changer how to grow your business and share your message:

Jeffrey will show you how to ask 3 specific questions whenever you feel stuck and don’t know how to move forward.

Do the exercise Jeffrey gives at the end of the video and post below: What did your business reveal to you?

The whole tribe would get a ton of value from what you share.



  1. Vicki Howie said:

    Hi Jeffrey,

    This is GREAT stuff!!

    I love, love, love the part about “trying to move product when your job is to move PEOPLE.”

    Yes!! So true and well put.

    I asked my business — Chakra Boosters — what it’s purpose is and got a very surprising, yet obvious answer: To bring the chakras DOWN TO EARTH; make them tangible for people so they can really experience their energy/spirit in their bodies.

    I sell healing chakra tattoos so I guess this should have been obvious, but frankly, I can get pretty theoretical — especially about the chakras — so this was a sweet, little revelation. It has made me recommit to being more simple in my sharing, and to emphasize (and educate the world more about) my Chakra Boosters Healing Tattoos and my Chakra Life Cycle System.

    Thanks as always for your enlightened leadership!

    Love and blessings,


  2. Julie said:

    This is a welcome reminder, Jeffrey, I was feeling lost in a sea of great ideas and not being able to focus on the pivot point of what it is I feel called to do. This is exactly what I need to find the center, and all the rest will fall into place.

    Blessings, you’re doing a great job!

  3. Barb Elgin LCSW said:

    Thanks for the profoundly simple yet so powerful guidance, Jeffrey. Right now I am running out the door, but I know that after working with BVB this past year, I am so much more on my business’ true path, so much more of the time. I will try this tapping into my business’ intelligence. Is it a different intelligence than tapping into my own higher intelligence?

  4. CherylAnn said:

    Great video! Great exercise.

    So, I went to ask my business (it’s a non-profit that pays me nothing, actually) some questions and found that I had to tell it how grateful I am to it. It gives my life purpose like nothing I’ve been involved with before. Still…while people think it’s great in this tiny corner of the world, I’m still up against donor fatigue and seemingly endless need.

    Acknowledging the vision which is to end poverty everywhere, beginning in my community, and the mission which is to inspire people to give a little as often as they can, I asked how I could help it to realize both. The answer? Tell the stories. I haven’t been telling the stories as often as I should. Most of our clients need to remain anonymous. So I asked how to overcome these apparent obstacles of fewer donations and no funds for administration. The answer was to be honest and tell the stories. I need to tell The Give Naked story, not just the client stories. I keep asking for donations…ask for what you want, right? But, people need something more to connect with than the growing thermometer.

    I asked what I need to do to attract sponsors for our administrative needs and the answer was that people need recognition.

    So…tell the stories (both client and business), be honest about what we need, and give lots of recognition.

    Thank you!

  5. Garey Simmons said:

    I asked Optimal Health Bridge what is it’s higher purpose:

    The real mission of Optimal Health Bridge is to prevent heart attacks. Still the number 1 killer in the United States despite millions and millions of prescription drugs. Heart Health isn’t sexy but you can’t be sexy without a strong heart. It’s so easy to take your heart for granted. It’s beating 70-80 beats a minute day in and day out, while we wake, while we sleep. We never notice it until… oops. Where’s the aspirin, call 911. Sudden death claims about 25% of all heart attack victims. But are they really victims of heart attacks or are they victims of a lack of knowledge of how to take care of their heart? Do you know how to nourish your heart? Do you know what foods to eat to keep your heart healthy? Do you know what supplements will give you a 44% better chance of living a long life without a heart attack episode?

    Good questions!

    I asked what’s wrong with my slump in sales?

    OHB said: Get to the heart of the matter. Tell the full story. Don’t be camera shy.

    Garey, Optimal Health Bridge.

    Good exercise.

  6. Jaia Lee said:

    Love It! !! and THANK YOU

    This is exactly what I needed to hear ;)

    When people raved about a book I wrote and told me I ‘had to get it out there’… the message came from within “YOU DIDN”T WRITE THE BOOK, WHAT MAKES YOU THINK YOU’RE GOING TO MARKET IT?” I took this to mean it was going to be someone else marketing it… ??? But, hello, even though I’ve applied this to most other creative projects: I asked the book what it had to say, it came through in two months time, asked it what the cover looked like, then on my new music CD I asked what order the songs wanted to be in, when doing a live event I ask what song wants to be played, and ask the group soul, what wants to be talked about —— I even asked my daughter what her name was while I was pregnant with her, 22 years ago–
    it just never occurred to ask the business what it wanted.
    Must still have been some stuff/separation about “business” and, well, everything else… lol.

    Even though I’ve shared the music/poetry/talk at top spiritual venues in the UK, and in many places over the years, they’ve all happened by invitation for the most part—the marketing had remained the greatest enigma EVER– keeping me playing small (no pun intended ;).

    This is perfect timing since I am just about to put out proposals to centers, supplementing a tour that is forming organically.

    So appreciate the video, it was a real breakthrough. Thanks again so much xo


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